New WEEF Directors

September 03, 2015

With the end of the 2015 spring school term marks the start of the term of Wesley Sak, who will be the on-stream WEEF director in the fall. Wesley Sak has previously served on the WEEF board of directors and will act as the WEEF director for the 'B' society for the next 16 months. I'm Eric Shi and I will be serving as the next 'A' Society WEEF director with my first on-stream term in winter 2016.

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New Faces, Same Places

May 29, 2013

It is a new term here at the University of Waterloo and in the WEEF office. After direction and hard work by the dedicated and talented individuals of Laurin Benson and Brock Kopp, there are new faces to the both WEEF Council and in the Director’s chair.
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Autonomous Mobile Robotics

September 26, 2012

Thanks to WEEF, students get to take home their own robot throughout the semester, complete with cameras, laser scanners and onboard computing powerful enough to map the room and plan routes around obstacles.
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Hello and welcome to Spring 2012! Starting this term, all proposals will be created, submitted and managed online, through this very website!
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