New WEEF Directors

September 03, 2015

With the end of the 2015 spring school term marks the start of the term of Wesley Sak, who will be the on-stream WEEF director in the fall. Wesley Sak has previously served on the WEEF board of directors and will act as the WEEF director for the 'B' society for the next 16 months. I'm Eric Shi and I will be serving as the next 'A' Society WEEF director with my first on-stream term in winter 2016. The Waterloo Engineering Endowment Foundation now has a principal of over $13,000,000 and it allocates $60,000 for educational equipment and resources. Every semester, faculty members and student teams submit proposals to WEEF to decide where the money goes. The vision of WEEF is to improve the undergraduate engineering experience at the University of Waterloo. Each class has a student representative who votes on which proposals should get funding based off the vision and spirit of WEEF. Over the last few years, some of the infrastructure for WEEF such as the website have become outdated and require changes to ensure the growth of the foundation. Over the next 16 months, Wesley and I will be working on overhauling the website as well as getting more media to showcase the impact WEEF has on Waterloo undergraduate engineering. WEEF strives to continually support students whether is through ensuring students have access to the latest tools and technologies or empowering student teams to compete at the highest levels. We look forward to serving as your new WEEF directors and stay tuned for some new WEEF events in the near feature. Continue the tradition. Continue your support to WEEF